Top Ten Gargoyles

It’s no secret I love gargoyles. I write about them. Read about them. Watch them on TV and in movies. Collect statues and photos of them. Yeah, I’ve got a yen for gargoyles. There’s something so tragic about them. Sometimes depicted as ugly or mean, they’re actually noble protectors meant to scare away demons and evil forces.

That’s why we put them on churches. Duh!

Anyway, I spent some time thinking about which are my favorite gargoyles, and thought you might be curious which I’d name. Even better, my list comes with book suggestions!

10. Grym (Elder Races Series by Thea Harrison) – I haven’t read all the books in this series, but as far as I know, Grym hasn’t had his turn to shine and find his lady-love. What we know about Grym so far is that he’s strong, loyal, and close friends with the harpy Aryal, so he must be patient as well. What I’ve read of him so far makes me love him, and I hope to find out he gets his own book and soon! In the meantime, you can read all about the others in the series which include dragons, vampires, elves, djinn, and a host of creatures. This series is adult paranormal romance (meaning, it has “the sex”) that doesn’t have to be read in order, but doing so helps your understanding and enjoyment of the series.

9. Valor & his pals (Greystone Series by Taylor Longford) – I fell in love with this unique take on gargoyle lore. I still have a few books left in the series, which is satisfying, sweet, sometimes scary, and definitely a page-turner. I love the author’s take on the mythology. The series is young adult and definitely appropriate for fourteen and up.

8. Ahnvil (Forged, The World of Nightwalkers Series by Jacquelyn Frank) – I have four words for you: Scotsman in a kilt. I won’t spoil it, but yeah, that scene was awesome. Anyway, this is a wild, complex, and fresh world with a lot of characters and creatures. Like the Elder Races series, you don’t have to read this one in order, but it helps for your understanding. Forged is something like book four and I was a little lost at times, just because there were characters, relationships, backstory, and politics in there that I didn’t have a frame of reference for. And as well, this is adult paranormal romance with sex and sexiness.

7. Terak (Stone Guardian, Entwined Realms Series by Danielle Monsch) – Again, more great world-building in this series and a fresh take on gargoyles. Like the Elder Races and The World of the Nightwalkers, this is paranormal/fantasy, but set in our modern world. There’s magic and swords and mythical creatures galore. I believe these books are also standalones but reading in order is recommended. This series is adult paranormal romance with hot sex, cool characters, and plenty of mystery and action.

6. Zayne (The Dark Elements Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout) – I have to admit that I didn’t get the attraction to Zayne. Sure, he’s a gargoyle, but he’s kind of a stick in the mud, rule-follower. I really saw him as unwilling to choose Layla because that would mean going against what others expected of him. He’d have to break a rule. Gasp! I’m solidly Team Roth. Ahem. By the end of book two, though, I understood why our heroine would find him fetching. But still. Team Roth all the way. I have book three on my Kindle, waiting for its turn on the TBR pile. This is a young adult series with cliffhangers. As someone who does this too, all I can say is: sorry not sorry.

5. Goliath (Disney’s Gargoyles) – Goliath is the reason I’m obsessed with gargoyles. If you have Disney+, you can watch the series. Let me just say this up front. Elisa Maza is the luckiest gal in New York City, if not the entire United States. Goliath is strong, noble, kind, dedicated, and totally in love with her. Sure, their relationship has its ups and downs. And dating a guy with wings and a tail while battling paranormal forces and still finding time for your job on the police force is a challenge. No one said interspecies dating would be easy, right? But these two lovebirds care about each other enough to get through it.

4. John (Whitewood Journals by P.M. Hernandez) – First off, OF COURSE I’m going to include my guys on any list of top ten gargoyles. I think they’re awesome. John is a big, beefy, goofy gargoyle who tries his best to lighten up tense situations. He’s the sweet older brother type, who’s there for Ellie when she’s pulled in a bunch of directions. But don’t let his sense of humor fool you. He plays for keeps and heaven help you if you come after those he loves.

3. Michael (Whitewood Journals by P.M. Hernandez) – Let’s face it. Michael is a bit of a pompous ass. A smug bastard. He lets his pride and superiority complex muddy the waters . . . to put it lightly. But at the heart of it all is a gargoyle who feels the need to lead, not just because he thinks he’s the right man for the job, but because he wants to keep his friends safe. And kill a bunch of demons. Can’t forget that.

2. Thomas (Whitewood Journals by P.M. Hernandez) – I have to say, I did NOT predict fan reactions to Thomas. He says not one word in book one, just sits there like a block of plain old rock, but he still managed to gain a following. That’s some serious mojo. Luckily for Thomas fans, he gets a much bigger role starting in book two. If John is Ellie’s goofy older brother, Thomas is her serious one. He’s a mentor and a friend, but one that’s willing to tell her hard truths and challenge her. He’s also a ginger. Y’know, for those of you interested in that sort of thing.

1. Gabriel (Whitewood Journals by P.M. Hernandez) – What can I say about Gabriel? I mean, he’s MY crush in the series, so I’m a little bit biased. He’s sweet, uncertain, and totally in love with Ellie. He screws up, but he manages to apologize. I love that in a guy . . . er, gargoyle. Like Ellie, he’s floundering in his new role. The gargoyle that has never been chosen is suddenly thrust into a leadership position, much like Ellie is dropped into hers. He has Michael on his heels, ready and willing (and maybe plotting) to take over. And don’t forget there’s a powerful demon targeting Ellie, either to steal her away or kill her . . . depends on his mood that day. The poor gargoyle has a lot on his plate. Good thing he’s talented with a sword and has an almost compulsive sense of duty along with Ellie (and her pointy weapons) in his corner.

I hope you liked my list and that it gave you some reading ideas. Drop your favorite gargoyles or gargoyle-centric books in the comments. I’m always looking for more books to add to the old TBR pile, especially if they involve wings and claws!

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