The P.M. Hernandez Manifesto

I spent some time the other day thinking about my writing and what I believe, what I think about whenever I write. So here it is, the P.M. Hernandez Genre Manifesto:

  1. I believe in the power of imagination and daydreaming.
  2. I believe in happy endings, because we don’t always get them in real life. Good triumphs over evil. Plucky heroines save the day. That doesn’t mean the path is easy, only that in the end, the good guy comes out on top.
  3. I believe not all heroes are bold fighters or snarky warriors. Some are thinkers or helpers or shy or nonviolent. Heck, they may even be bakers. A perfectly prepared sourdough just might save the world.
  4. I believe all villains are tragic, but not all can be redeemed. They see themselves as the hero of their own story and think they are doing the right thing.
  5. I believe in science, but I love magic. The most advanced science and the most astonishing magic have a little bit of each other in them.
  6. I believe stories are universal and fanciful tales can be used to work through real-life issues. It doesn’t matter that the main character is a chimera from another planet with the ability to read minds. Her struggles are relatable and shared by people everywhere.
  7. I believe fairy tales and myths are true. Pixies watch me from behind trees and under bushes when I walk in the woods. Gargoyles hide in shadows on buildings, ready to take flight. Werewolves prowl beneath the full moon. Sasquatch roam swamps and remote forests. You can’t convince me otherwise.
  8. I believe in never growing up. We may grow old. Our hair turns silver. Laugh lines crease our mouths and eyes. We gain a bit of weight. But our hearts still quicken at the words “once upon a time.”

As always, thanks for visiting. Now, go read a book!

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