Light at the End of the Tunnel

Over the past few years, my life has felt like I’m traveling down a long, dark tunnel. It’s a horrible feeling, filled with tension and anxiety and worry. Wondering when you’ll see a light at the end, but also dreading it. Because either you’ll reach the end and see a burst of light and take in the beautiful view, or you’ll realize that light is an oncoming train and you’re about to crash.

This is the first year I see a light at the end of that tunnel. I’m fairly certain it isn’t an oncoming train.


This particular light is at the end of my writing tunnel. I’m well on my way to completing two series this year. That leaves one more series to close out. Then, it’s on to the next project. And I already have ideas. Too many of them.

The one that pops up the most in my head right now is a series of paranormal standalone books. The more I think about these books, the more excited I get. The characters are really speaking to me, so I make notes in between editing my other books.

Being “in” a bunch of stories all at once is hectic, but it’s good to have my inspiration going crazy, believe it or not. Authors are in their element when they have too many ideas, when they hurry to find a paper and pen or a phone or a computer to jot down their thoughts. It’s a rush. If you ask us about it, we sound like we’re hopped up on sugar and caffeine, a manic gleam in our eyes.

Just drop a chocolate offering and back away slowly.

Here’s to more inspiration . . . and lights at the end of ALL our tunnels, whatever that dark hole may be in our lives.

Now, go read a book!

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