Spring Has Sprung

April is all about editing. I’m deep in the nitty-gritty details and fixes for the final book in the Whitewood Journals series. It’s painstaking and annoying and still somehow a lot of fun. Seems appropriate to be editing this time of year. It’s like spring cleaning for my rough draft.

Around my area, spring means lots of flowers, buds on trees, and cherry blossoms. After autumn, it’s my favorite time of year. I love the sense of renewal and inspiration. I love the rebirth I see all around me, from the mourning doves on my deck (sometimes caught in the act of making MORE mourning doves) to the rabbits running around our neighborhood to the fig tree in my backyard sprouting new leaves. (We love fresh fig jam here in Casa Hernandez.)

Spring is so welcome after months of cold and dreary, but the season isn’t all fluffy bunnies and daffodils. It’s also thunderstorms and pollen . . . and bugs. Don’t forget the BUGS. But I’ll take the bad with the good, even if that means torrential downpours. Side note: whoever said April showers bring May flowers never lived where there are serious thunderstorms; April “showers” in my area are more like a firehose than a gentle spray.

Here’s to getting stuff done this spring. Here’s to finishing that project you’ve let languish over the bitter winter. Let’s get going.

Oh, and go read a book!

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