Calling All Gargoyle-Lovers!

It’s happening! This is not a drill! The final installment of the Whitewood Journals—Fire and Frost—has an official release date . . . July 30. This book has been a long time coming. The first book in the series came out in 2016. Writing the final book took a lot longer than I intended. Life happened. Depression happened. A freaking pandemic happened. But I eventually got it done! I’m so excited for Ellie to get her HEA. And that’s not a spoiler. I have a firm policy that my MCs get an HEA. So, for your enjoyment, here’s the blurb for Fire and Frost:

Can Ellie unite what is left of her patchwork family and save the remaining gargoyles?

Ellie Whitewood has lost everything: family, friends, her home. Giving up is a temptation almost impossible to resist. Yet, the demon Cain still poses a threat to the survivors of the terrible battle that took the lives of so many Caretakers and Sentinels. If Ellie walks away from her duties, her loved ones—especially her chosen, Gabriel—will be Cain’s next victims. Ellie can’t escape a final showdown with Cain, but the toughest challenge won’t be facing off against the seductive fallen angel with raven-feather wings but confronting the demon inside herself.

As always, I hope you’re doing well, staying healthy, and thriving. And if you’re struggling . . . you’ve got this! I believe in you.

Now, go read a book!

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