Character Interview: Jackson from the Earthborn Series

PM Hernandez: Thank you for joining me.

Jackson: No problem. The pleasure will be all yours. Then mine. Then yours again. I’m a giver. 

PMH: Um, (clears throat) that’s not…um, on topic, but okay.

J: You may commence with the questions. (waves arm)

PMH: (rolls eyes) Sure. So, you’re an Earthborn. Could you tell our readers more about that?

J: Abso-freaking-lutely. 

PMH: Freaking? 

J: Yeah, Brock—he’s my best friend—anyway, Brock says I shouldn’t curse so damn much.

PMH: Gotta have goals. 

J: Hell yeah. (nods)

PMH: So? Earthborn?

J: Right. It means I’m half space-man. Alien. ET. But don’t ask me to phone home.

PMH: Frankly, I’m shocked you know that reference.

J: I’m a well-rounded guy. Wanna feel how well-rounded I am?

PMH: Thanks, but I’m married.

J: Ah, look but don’t touch. I can respect that.

PMH: Anyway, how does it feel to be half alien? What’s that like?

J: Pretty awesome. I’m stronger than most. Faster. More spectacular. 

PMH: It can’t all be rainbows and unicorns though.

J: (frowns) No, but I don’t wanna talk about that. 

PMH: Let’s switch gears then. Can you tell us about your tattoos and piercings?

J: Badges of honor. I earned them. Ayezhni—that’s the alien race I’m descended from—use ink and piercings to show what family they belong to, what their job is, what they’ve accomplished, even their relationship status.

PMH: Oh? And what’s your relationship status?

J: That’s top secret, sugar. (winks)

PMH: I hear you’re very popular with the ladies. Has that changed? Hit a dry spell? (arches eyebrow)

J: What’ve you heard? Take that back. It’s all lies.

PMH: Never mind. I’m sure I’m mistaken.

J: Damn straight.

PMH: So, what’re your plans for the future?

J: Same as always. Kick ass. Take names. Rescue the damsel. Hero stuff.

PMH: Any particular damsel?

J: Wouldn’t you like to know?

PMH: (clears throat) Um, yes, that’s why I asked.

J: Asked what?

PMH: O-o-o-okay. Moving on. Can you tell the readers what’s next for Brock and Addy?

J: Probably make googly eyes at each other. Then have an argument or some dumb-ass misunderstanding. Then make up by sucking face. Rinse and repeat.

PMH: Can you tell us any secrets about the upcoming book in the series, X-Born?

J: No, because if I did that, you’d kill me off. I’ve read your other books. There’s a surprising amount of death and destruction. I mean, are you okay? Is there someone you can talk to? Do you need a blankie?

PMH: That’s not…I mean, we’re not here to talk about me—

J: Yeah, but I’m kinda concerned. You really enjoy blowing things up. I usually pop wood for a girl with a violent streak, but you’re a bit much. People are starting to talk.

PMH: All right, folks! That’s all the time we have! This has been an interview with Jackson from the Earthborn Series. Let’s give him a round of applause and wish him the best of luck in X-Born, because he’s gonna need it. (glares at Jackson)

J: (flinches) Help! 

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Jackson. Check out the Earthborn Series, available in KU.

Now, go read a book!

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