Elevator Pitch

Yesterday was my first true book event since 2019. (I went to an arts event last month, but I don’t think of that one as a book signing.) Wow, seeing those words in black and white is wild. TWO YEARS.

One thing all authors need for book signings is an elevator pitch. Basically, explain your book in 1-3 sentences. It takes creativity coupled with brevity and sprinkled with charm.

I’m a card-carrying introvert. I can do the people thing, but after a few hours, I start to tire out. I need to recharge, usually in a quiet space. Over the years, I’ve tricked a lot of people into thinking I’m a gregarious, funny person who thrives in a crowd. Nope. I wish! I just do a great job of masking my insecurities.

Yesterday, at the first sizable event I’d been to in two years, I realized how out of shape my extrovert muscles are. My elevator pitch was rusty. But the good news is, the event was awesome. I sold a bunch of books. I met new people. And my elevator pitch shaped up as the day progressed.

But yeah, I CRASHED when I got home. Tired in body and spirit. Still, I’m looking forward to more book events. No matter how much they drain me, I’m always glad I did them. Kind of like exercise. I have to push myself to get out there, but once I’m in it, I’m so happy I forced myself outside my comfort zone.

I hope you’re having a lovely day. Keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, because that’s where we grow. Now, go read a book!

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