X-Born is Here!!!!

ADELAIDE BECKER may be a half-alien princess, but her life is far from pampered. Now that her father has been rescued and crowned ruler of Ayezh, her sights are set on Earth. Eager to reunite with her mother and worried about the fate of the Earthborn back home, Addy is anxious to return to the third rock from the sun and get back to a normal life. But the Earthborn are in danger, this time from a shadowy government agency. Addy is once again throwing herself into harm’s way. Her relationship with Brock is pushed to the breaking point and she needs him more than ever.

BROCK GRIGNI isn’t proud of his reaction to Addy’s power: equal parts awe and fear. His insecurities about their relationship and his guilt over the Earthborn only increase the distance between Addy and him. Now, the U.S. government is bent on finding proof of aliens and closing in on the Colorado compound with deadly force. Brock’s loyalties are torn, and he must choose between love and duty…not only his duty to the Earthborn, but Addy’s duty as Crown Princess of Ayezh.

Can Addy confront this all-new threat, learn to harness the power she wields, and withstand the pressure to become real-life royalty? Or will everything Addy holds dear be torn apart?

Available on Amazon.

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