Dark and Bright: Dark and Bright Series Book One

Caroline Franx never leaves her property. Her reclusive, genius father wants to guard her health and protect her from the harsh realities of life. It was safe, boring, and lonely, but that never bothered her until she met a handsome gardener who made her want to experience something beyond the confines of her father’s estate.

Ethan Ramirez is no gardener. He’s at the Franx estate to unearth the atrocities his team is certain the good doctor is committing and drag his sins into the light of day. The pretty Caroline seems like an angel, but Ethan soon wonders if she’s being cloistered for her safety or for everyone else’s.

Coming in 2019!


Darkening Night: Dark and Bright Series Book Two

Adam doesn’t remember his real name. What he does know is this: he’s faster, stronger, bigger, meaner, and tougher…a monster. When the opportunity strikes for him and his two friends to escape from Franx Biotech, he and his buddies run for it. But will they ever be truly free?

December “Ember” Silva will help Adam and the others take down Franx Biotech, even if that means teaming up with the mad doctor’s strange daughter, Caroline. Ember thinks leaving behind her parents is the biggest sacrifice she could possibly make, until she realizes there is so much more she stands to lose.

Coming in 2019!


Blazing Light: Dark and Bright Series Book Three

Coming in 2019!