Dark and Bright Series

Dark and Bright: Dark and Bright Series Book One We all have something inside that yearns to break free . . .  Caroline Franx lives in isolation because her father, a world-renowned geneticist, worries about her fragile health. Despite having everything her heart desires, her days are sometimes lonely and tedious. Sacrificing a normal life... Continue Reading →

Wattpad Fun

Not long ago, a friend of mine recommended getting on Wattpad. I thought she was crazy. I had a very set image of the site in my head, and sorry to say, it was an extremely snobby one. More specifically, I thought it was where all the Twilight fans hung out, writing fan-fiction and alternate... Continue Reading →

Where to Buy My Books

E-Books E-books are available for sale exclusively on Amazon; they are also included in Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe to that service. You can browse all my titles using my Amazon author page. Signed Paperbacks You can order signed copies directly from me via my Square marketplace. Orders placed here are offered at a slight discount compared... Continue Reading →


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