Discover the Earthborn Series


Earthborn: Earthborn Series Book One

[YA Science Fiction – Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on AmazonRated 5 out of 5 stars on B&N]

ADELAIDE BECKER—social outcast and sarcastic know-it-all—enjoys her quiet life until a giant alien crash-lands into it. He claims she’s half alien like him—an Earthborn—and he’s there to save her from the coming invasion. Being half little green man isn’t enough to convince Addy to go along with her supposed savior, but when her mother’s safety is threatened, she takes off on a journey that leads her to discover the other, more exotic side of her family and the power she holds deep within.

BROCK GRIGNI thinks this will be like any other Earthborn collection. His job is simple—bring his fellow Earthborn back to the compound and save them from the threat of becoming breeding slaves at the hands of aliens from their home planet, Ayezh. He isn’t prepared for Addy—beautiful, smart-mouthed, and his complete opposite in every way. When he learns that everything he trusts is a lie, he has nothing left to hold onto except Addy.

Together, Addy and Brock must struggle with the challenges and choices before them. Stay and fight, or run and hide? They know the Ayezhni—their ancestors and aliens from a planet in distress—are on their way and will make a collection of their own. Addy feels compelled to help her fellow Earthborn, but can she do that and keep her loved ones safe at the same time?


Verseborn: Earthborn Series Book Two

[YA Science Fiction – Rated 5 out of 5 stars on AmazonAvailable on B&N]

ADELAIDE BECKER has one goal: rescue her father from his enemies and certain death. In a desperate bid to save the father she just met, she puts her faith in the one person she shouldn’t, Daxon Aluxni, an Ayezhni with his own agenda. What she doesn’t anticipate is being drawn to the very people she holds responsible for her father’s capture, her family’s breakup, and the exploitation of Earthborn like her.

BROCK GRIGNI figures Addy will throttle him for disregarding her wishes, but he follows her to Ayezh. While he knows she’s powerful, she isn’t invincible or truly aware of the danger surrounding her, and he wants to be by her side. Used to being as unemotional as any Ayezhni, the strength of his love for Addy surprises him. Unfortunately, along with the good comes the bad, and he struggles with unfamiliar feelings: jealousy, anger, inadequacy, and pain.

Facing almost insurmountable odds, Addy must fight for everything she holds dear. If she fails, not only will she lose Brock and her father, but also the freedom of her fellow Earthborn.

With two planets depending on her, can Addy do what it takes?

X-Born: Earthborn Series Book Three

[YA Science Fiction – Available on AmazonAvailable on B&N]

ADELAIDE BECKER may be a half-alien princess, but her life is far from pampered. Now that her father has been rescued and crowned ruler of Ayezh, her sights are set on Earth. Eager to reunite with her mother and worried about the fate of the Earthborn back home, Addy is anxious to return to the third rock from the sun and get back to a normal life. But the Earthborn are in danger, this time from a shadowy government agency. Addy is once again throwing herself into harm’s way. Her relationship with Brock is pushed to the breaking point and she needs him more than ever.

BROCK GRIGNI isn’t proud of his reaction to Addy’s power: equal parts awe and fear. His insecurities about their relationship and his guilt over the Earthborn only increase the distance between Addy and him. Now, the U.S. government is bent on finding proof of aliens and closing in on the Colorado compound with deadly force. Brock’s loyalties are torn, and he must choose between love and duty…not only his duty to the Earthborn, but Addy’s duty as Crown Princess of Ayezh.

Can Addy confront this all-new threat, learn to harness the power she wields, and withstand the pressure to become real-life royalty? Or will everything Addy holds dear be torn apart?