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Note: As all of you know, the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives and plans in a big way. I had a robust 2020 book signing schedule that abruptly got canceled. Right now, my one and only signing is for mid-2021. In the meantime, if you're interested in buying a signed book, see my Square... Continue Reading →

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Whitewood Journals 3 Sneak Peek

[Here's a very rough, completely unedited sneak peek at the first chapter from the final installment of the Whitewood Journals. Enjoy!] CHAPTER ONE It sounds insane, but I’m relieved now that we know when Cain will attack. The thing I’m dreading most is no longer a mystery and I feel as though a burden has... Continue Reading →

Weekend Writing Prompt

So, a good friend of mine offered to do a weekend writing prompt with me. It's a great exercise to keep those creative juices flowing. We picked something out for each other and then the task was to write at least 500 words from that prompt. Here's mine. Warning: strong language.   Where the fuck did... Continue Reading →

Whitewood Journals

Flesh and Stone: Whitewood Journals Volume One Seventeen-year-old Ellie Whitewood dreams of being a doctor and giving back to the grandfather who raised her after the death of her parents. When she receives an inheritance from a reclusive aunt, she becomes the mistress of a sprawling manor. Selling the property to pay for college seems... Continue Reading →

Earthborn Series

Earthborn: Earthborn Series Book One ADELAIDE BECKER—social outcast and sarcastic know-it-all—enjoys her quiet life until a giant alien crash-lands into it. He claims she’s half alien like him—an Earthborn—and he’s there to save her from the coming invasion. Being half little green man isn’t enough to convince Addy to go along with her supposed savior,... Continue Reading →


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