Hot Book Summer

I did something either entirely brilliant or incredibly foolish . . . I opened a TikTok account (link in the header). Yeah, yeah. Not exactly earth-shattering. I’m way behind the curve when it comes to TikTok. But I have a point. Stick with me.

With so many people now vaccinated, everyone’s excited about finally getting out and about. Seeing people. Going places. Doing all the things. On TikTok, I’ve run across a bunch of videos about “hot girl summer.” (Side note: that “for you page” is a time suck, but in the best way.)

At the same time, I’ve run across a bunch of book recommendations because BookTok is awesome. Some of them were already on my list of books to check out, but some I’d never heard of. So, I hit up my library on Libby and picked up Mexican Gothic, Kingdom of the Wicked, and Throne of Glass. I’m still on the waiting list for Legendborn, Lore, The Priory of the Orange Tree, The Cruel Prince, The Bone Witch, From Blood and Ash, and House of Earth and Blood.

And then, I remembered that my birthday is coming up (and it’s a doozy), so I decided to buy hardcover copies of the ACOTAR series – A Court of Thorns and Roses, for the uninitiated – as a treat for myself.

All this to say, my summer won’t be “hot girl” summer but HOT BOOK summer! Woohoo! Take that book jacket OFF, baby! (Because we want to keep it pristine and not ruin it while we read the books.)

Now, go read a book!

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